Freeze Dried Powder Spirulina, 30 individual vacuum sealed packets (2g each)

  • Grown in Canada
  • Maintains nutrients closest to the Raw Fresh Spirulina
  • Highest quality nutrient retention vs. other drying methods
  • 70% Protein
  • 2-4 times more active Phycocyanin
  • Single serving size, individually vacuum sealed packets
  • Protected from oxidation
  • Odourless & Tasteless
  • Convenient for travel
  • Shelf stable (long term storage at room temperature)
  • An awesome whole food for anyone
  • Unlimited ways to consume: add to water, juice, smoothie, bake or simply eat straight from the packet!
  • Free shipping across Canada




For the Fresh Spirulina: You order online and we ship right to your door!  We harvest and ship out orders every Monday.  (shipping fee may apply).  Shipping is available to provinces from: British Colombia through to Quebec all inclusive.  Our goal is to get the freshest possible Raw Live Spirulina into your hands.

With the large orders, you can create your own Spirulina frozen cubes at home to extend its storage life.

Orders need to be received by 9am on delivery or Shipping days.

•  Calgary FREE delivery
Calgary local FREE delivery, every Monday and Friday.

•  Pre-Pay multi-jar flexible subscription (Calgary free delivery)
NEW Pre-Pay multi-jar flexible subscription (Calgary area only) allows for a discount on a larger order (like 4 or more jars) but taking delivery of 1 jar at a time as per your request.

•  Group Purchase for small jars
Group Purchase: split a 4, 5, 6 or 12 small jar order with others (friends / family) to take advantage of group discount and FREE shipping (subject to minimum purchase)

Have Fresh Spirulina on hand? Here is the Storage and Usage Tips.



Freshly frozen Spirulina, 14 cubes/bag, 10 g / cube.