We recently just completed upgrading our Spirulina production system and growing a new batch now.  Our next harvest of Raw Fresh Live Spirulina will be December 19th, 2018.  We are taking pre-orders now.  20% OFF for all pre-orders more than $75.  Discount code (ends on Dec. 17th, 2018): SPIRAVEG20

You order online, we will ship our fresh spirulina right to your door! (shipping fee extra) . We only ship our large jars (454g), small jars (226g size) are available for Calgary purchases (pick up or local delivery only).

With the large jar orders, you can create your own Spirulina frozen cubes at home to extend its storage life. Shipping is limited currently to provinces from: British Colombia through to Quebec all inclusive.

Our goal is to get the freshest possible Raw Live Spirulina into your hands. We harvest your order and ship to you the same day! Shipping out every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, depending on your location, expect 1-3 days transit time.